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About Us

We believe that the safety of the family is one of the most important things. As we cherishevery moment with them, we have committedourselves to offer quality services, safe and comfortable cars.

We offer joy andaffordable prices to all those who request our services.

We have managed to help over 2.000customers that, whenever they had the chance, returned with the same sense of satisfaction and happiness.

The honesty, seriousness, trustand respectshown to every customerhave made our company one of the most valued companies in this area of business within the region.

Our customers’ satisfaction makes us smile and it is one of our greatest successes.

In a world where the lack of reliability is more and more frequent, Vabova Speed guarantees that any discussion with us is entirely based on trust. If, by a certain conjuncture, we cannot fulfill our words and promises, we take full responsibility for it and we offer the service to you FREE OF CHARGE!

Rent a car from our range and you will have the chance to meet our team of awesome, serious and reliable people!

TheVabovaSpeed Values

The seriousness, trust and respectshown to the customers are fundamental for the development of our company.
We always adapt to our customers’ needs
We do whatever is necessary so that our customers may benefit from all the comfort they need.
We are adaptable, flexible and always try to make things simple.

Over 2000 satisfied customers

Congratulations, for me you are the best in Sibiu😊😊.  A wonderfull team with excelent prices. I trully recommend 👉👉 Vabova Speed.🚘🚘👈👈

Stefan Cosmin Ciprian

very punctual, very small warranty, excelent service. 😉😉😉😉I am 100% satisfied, very good prices aswell. I honestly recommned them.

Tyby Magda

A very serious and punctual company. There was no waiting time when I have picked up the car nor when I had to leave it. The employee who greeted me was very kind. Everything was done very fast and without any problems. I trully recommend them.

Radu Simion

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